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"On Friday mornings 52Best has been emailing a story to 20,000 Readers in 92
countries for twelve years. By sharing stories of compassion, understanding,
and creativity, it is our hope that we may be helping in a small way to
create a kinder, better world in which to live."  Sandy Pofahl, Editor

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What is our Friday Story?  The 52Best Friday Morning Story is one that might touch the mind and the heart while putting a smile on our face or a tear in our eye. For examples please click on any of the above pictures.

What are Our Annual Trips?  Each year 52Best organizes a trip for its Readers. This year we are taking an amazing trip from Rome up through Florence to the Northern Lake region, to Venice and back through Sorrento and Pompeii to Rome. A fabulous 14 day trip for $2,488. For comple information click The Best of Italy. For questions or to reserve a place, please email me at Sandy@52best.com. The photos of our prior 16 trips are here.

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