"I'm coming up on the 1 year anniversary of receiving your emails
this November. Each week, I skeptically received the stories but I
started reading them more often and found my heart welling up after each
one. Each one leaves me feeling positive and inspires me to
be a better person." Ritta



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Donations: The Sandy Happy Children's Fund is a Texas Non-Profit corporation. Application has been made for its 501(c)3 status. The Fund supports two children's projects.


         A. An Orphanage in Kenya


         B. The World Classroom Project which it is creating that will allow every child in the world free access to computer based learning.


1. PayPal:  To donate please click:


2. Check by Mail: Donations may be made by mail with checks made out to "Sandy Happy Children's Fund, Inc." and mailed to:


                  Sandy Happy Children's Fund

                  6615 LBJ Freeway

                  Dallas, Texas 75240

3. Credit Card: It is possible to make credit card payments through PayPal, but we are presently not set up to take credit card payments directly.

4. Wiring Instructions: Money may be wired to the Sandy Happy Children's Fund, Inc. banking account. Please contact me and I will send you wiring instructions.

5. Wells Fargo Bank Internal Transfer: The Sandy Happy Children's Fund, Inc. account is at Wells Fargo Bank and internal bank transfers can be made from other Wells Fargo bank accounts to it.

6. Property or Merchandise: If you have property, merchandise or services that you could donate or provide, we would appreciate discussing these with you.


7. Bequest: Planning your will? Please consider a bequest to the Sandy Happy Children's Fund.


For Information please contact:

          C. F. Sandy Pofahl

          Sandy Happy Children's Fund, Inc.

          6615 LBJ Freeway

          Dallas, Texas 75240

          Phone: 972-702-0000  Fax: 972-701-8900



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